"Styles come and go. Good design is a language, not a style."" -Massimo Vignelli

Headshot RT 2020

About Me

I’m Rachel - a graphic designer with over five years of corporate experience building and implementing design systems. My credo is that communication is the key to success in any workplace, and in life.

Graphic design is, when you break it down, simply a form of communication. Much like any language uses rules to order its elements so that they reliably convey meaning, so too does graphic design. As a designer, I believe that it is vitally important to understand and manage how rules are used to more effectively build and elevate a work.

My focus on rule-oriented systems and limitations stems from my experience working in screenprinting and prepress for process printing, both of which have strict processes. This interest grew as I moved into packaging design where I used and learned from pre-established systems for brands like GE and Disney to construct new artworks. It wasn’t long before I was at work developing new constraint systems to define the work my team was building, and reflecting on my own processes.

I eagerly pursue detail-oriented work, and love working with a team that values thoughtful, intentional design. I’m currently working as a graphic designer and am always interested in exploring new systems and challenges. Reach out on LinkedIn to connect!


B.F.A. in Communication Design at Oklahoma Christian University
2007 – 2011 Oklahoma City, OK

Software & Skills

Adobe InDesignDirect Mail
Adobe PhotoshopPrint Design
Adobe IllustratorEmail Design
Clip Studio PaintPackaging Design
FigmaPrint Production
G SuiteBrand Identity
MS Office SuiteBrand Guidelines
Mac OSX & WindowsActive Listening
Benchmark EmailPresentation
Formal WritingConflict Resolution

Learning goals for 2020

  • Hand-lettering
  • Advanced DSLR Photography
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Sewing & costuming
  • Makeup art

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