Filling in the Blanks

Designed to target adults age 40+ who are invested in brain wellness to support their engaged lifestyles. The core strategy focuses on tapping into the prospects' desire to stay cognitively strong by showing them the potential negative consequences — in a modern, casual, and disarmingly authoritative way – of hearing loss function, and casting hearing tech as the solution. Blanks was created to be as visually vivid as possible for newsprint.

Role Graphic Designer, Concept Development
For Audigy
Type Creative Campaign
Collaborators S. Hoover (copywriter), N. Miller (Director)

Pieces Blanks 01
Double-sided Flyer or News Insert

Pieces Blanks 04
Pieces Blanks 02
Small Newspaper Ads

Pieces Blanks 05 Big
Broadsheet Newspaper Insert

Pieces Blanks 06 Big
Broadsheet Newspaper Insert

Pieces Blanks 03
Social Media Post

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