Hear for the Holidays

The Hear for Holidays campaign was started from an old creative in the Audigy vault with information and designs that were signifcantly dated. I built this refreshed design to improve and refine upon the original seasonal concept, moving away from images of horses, carriages and quiet snowy forests, to feature more people and real-life scenarios of holiday interactions. The color choice was also updated from the classic red and green for Christmas, to a blue and red scheme to evoke a sense of winter holidays that were more inclusive of potential diversity of viewing audiences and their holiday traditions.

Role Graphic Designer, Concept Development
For Audigy
Type Creative Campaign

Pieces H4H 01 Big
Broadsheet Newspaper Insert Front Page

Pieces H4H 02 Big
Broadsheet Newspaper Insert Center Spread

Pieces H4H 03 Big
Broadsheet Newspaper Insert Back Page

Pieces H4H 04
Double-sided Flyer or News Insert

Pieces H4H 05
Social Media Post

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